Top 5 moments in 2019

1. Became a Flight Attendant

In early 2019 I hit the ground running applying to be a Flight Attendant. I applied to virtually every major brand airline you can think of and then some. I even blogged about my many adventures on the application and interview process on my YouTube ( In total, I ended up landing 3 official in person interviews, 1 of which I couldn’t attend because I forgot my passport. I ended up getting hired at 2 different regional airline companies. I withdrew from one and went on to graduate at another, only to be let go only 2 months into working in late 2019. Regardless of my experience at the end, it was fun flying and meeting new people and more than anything, I was proud that I faced my fears and did what I said I wanted to do all in one year! Wow. I actually became a flight attendant!

2. Re-decorated my bedroom

This may not seem like a big deal to many, but for me it is and very symbolic. You see, I remember a time just the thought of going all out and redecorating my room was a fantasy and not a reality. In 2019, I really got to go all out with my own money and decorate my room how I envisioned it. I purchased the desk of my dreams, an entertainment center and this beautiful industrial size clothing rack you see in this photo. When I first moved into my apartment almost 6 years ago, all I literally had was an air mattress. Through the years, I’d decorate a little here or there but nothing too serious. It was also a passion project post being a flight attendant. This project kept me from depression, it kept me excited about coming home everyday from work and it kept me inspired! You can check out my room transformation here: (

3. Became Prince Akeem

Every year for Halloween, I post a D.I.Y on the character I plan on embodying. 2019’s look was Prince Akeem from Coming To America. I had fun putting this look together. It was super easy and everyone knew exactly who I was at Halloween and that’s the goal every year.

4. YouTube Growth

I’ve been trying the YouTube thing for years. I’d create videos, get embarrassed and delete them and repeated that process for a number of years before I finally found my niche and started to not care what other people thought of me or my content. In 2019 I gained a total of 329 subscribers and counting. Of course I hope to grow even more in 2020. Every subscriber counts and I love engaging with others on topics.

5. A Lesson on Self LOVE

This year was definitely the year on self love. I thought I knew what it was but boy was I in for a surprise. It’s honestly a process, you don’t learn this overnight but I’d say 2019 was the year I finally was able to grasp who I was, what I liked and didn’t like, what I was willing to put up with or not, and who I was willing to deal with or not. Boundaries play a significant role in self love. I’m so grateful I finally got it. There’s no looking back now.

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