Why you should book a STAYcation

For my 31st BDAY, I booked the Hotel Figueroa for one night in downtown Los Angeles!
Photo curtesy of Hotel Figueroa

What’s a STAYcation?

When we think of hotels, we automatically think of booking them in another city or another Country. Have you ever thought of booking a nice hotel room right down the street at that new hotel they just built? Or how about across town in a more quiet neck of the woods? Lets first breakdown what exactly a STAYcation is. A STAYcation is a vacation right at home. No, not literally at home. And don’t think you can get away with just sending the kids off somewhere or staying at home for the weekend. That’s the good old classic HOMEcation lol. Im talking about booking a hotel room and acting as if YOUR the tourist in town! Here are 6 reasons you should book a STAYcation.

1. Affordable

The number one reason I love a good STAYcation is that it’s super affordable. Whether you book a hotel room for one night or a week in your neck of the woods, your automatically saving because your not worrying about travel expenses or long lines at the airport. Okay, maybe you do have to worry about a Lyft ride, but that’s about it. Speaking of Lyft, a true STAYcation ISN’T driving your car to your hotel. Remember, this a vacation but in your neck of the woods, so no personal vehicle usage allowed! When you drive, you don’t get to SEE your city. Your only seeing what’s in front of you so you can drive safely. Catch that Lyft, stare out the window and SEE your city. I bet you’ll discover new places you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. 

I booked a suite style room at Hotel Figueroa in downtown Los Angeles at Hotels.com

2. Great way to meet new people & see new places!

Imagine this: You’re relaxing in your hotel room and you decide to head down to the hotels cafe shop to grab a cup of coffee. All those people in the cafe shop? NOT FROM YOUR CITY! This is a marvelous way to meet new people. And guess what? You can show them around. Step outside your comfort zone, introduce yourself to a stranger, you’d be amazed at what potential connections you could make with someone. Offer up advice on the best pizza joint in town, go out and split a Lyft and show them around town. Hop on Yelp, discover restaurants, museums, activities you didn’t know even existed!

A 10 minute walk from my hotel is restaurant Dekkadance located inside the newest skyscraper in DT Los Angeles. For $35, you can enjoy an all you can eat buffet for either breakfast, lunch or dinner while over looking the beautiful city.

3. No long lines, canceled flights, or luggage check

Lets face it, we’ve all been there. We’ve all have either dealt with crazy long lines at the airport, experienced an unfortunate canceled or missed flight or had our luggage lost. If your the chosen one, you’ve experienced all of this on one trip! Not with a STAYcation though, just pack a light duffle bag or if you want to go all out, really pack like your leaving town. One things for sure, you don’t have to carry around a bunch of luggage if you don’t want to. If your STAYcationing for one night, I’d recommend just packing 2-3 looks. I’ve done this twice for my birthday. One, because, I gotta have options incase a look in my head doesn’t turn out how I thought, and two, if your going to several places on your special day, serving up different looks never hurt anyone.

4. Putting back into the community

If you’ve never STAYcationed before, more than likely you’ve never supported your local hotel industry. If your up for staying somewhere special and not a franchised cookie cutter hotel, I strongly recommend staying somewhere thats locally owned. This way, your helping a small business owner and putting money back into your local community. Not only will you get a sense of fulfillment but it’ll just make you feel good.

Hotel Figueroa had so much charm! Find that special charm in your next stay.

5. Have kids? Your only a few miles away

Rest assure, your only a few miles away if something goes wrong with the kids and the babysitter, but we’ll only hope for the best here. If you just want a different environment, bring the kids with you. Make it a family STAYCATION!

6. Book on your birthday!

I’ve booked a hotel on two different occasions for my birthday STAYcation, and when I mention it’s my birthday during check in, I’ve had my room upgraded every time! I’ve noticed this, and you should try it out. Make sure you check in on your actual BDAY or the weekend of. Show them your ID. The hotel staff was AMAZING at Hotel Figueroa and when I checked in, they asked me what brought me to Los Angeles. My response? “Oh its my birthday, just enjoying a STAYcation.” Immediately they upgrade my room! Some hotels will also give you a restaurant or store credit inside their hotel.

For my BDAY dinner, me and some friends checked out HOME restaurant located in Silverlake neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Check out my STAYcation vlog on my YouTube!

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