My Bedroom Makeover 2019

What’s up V.I.P’s. 2019 has been quite a roller coaster for me. I’ve dealt with exciting moments and no so exciting moments. Earlier this year, I dove into a career where I kind of lost myself. I thought it was something that was destined for me. I thought it was something I was finally “good at” as far as corporate America is concerned. In the midst of that, I lost my art. I gave so much of myself to it, that I forgot what I was put on this earth to do. God had a way of showing me which led to me losing that new career so abruptly. I also gave up on myself a bit. I gave up on my gifts and put my energy used for my gifts into that career. This room makeover is like a project to make up for lost time. It’s something that I can look at everyday when I come home to remind myself to never stop going after what your hearts desire. Never stop creating. Never stop being you. Never lose yourself, guys. No matter what.


Check out my video transformation below

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