How to style a men’s cape (3 ways)

The Drape

Nothing shows more drama than draping your cape. It’s super easy and you can’t go wrong with this style. It shows volume, depth and is a definite eye catcher.

The Wrap

The wrap gives layers and adds thickness on those cold, winter days. Just allow one side of the cape to drape down on one side of your shoulder while taking the other side of the cape and wrapping it around the draped side. 

The Superhero

The superhero is my favorite! Mainly because it gives a costume vibe but don’t be afraid to rock this style. The superhero isn’t meant to keep you warm like the drape and wrap, but it definitely tells a story of who you are and what your style is, based off what you style under it. I’ve paired it with this western shirt from Wrangler and white skinny jeans from Levis. And that is how to style a mens cape!

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