Dec 10, 2014

Facebook DELETED

I just wanted to let everyone know that my personal Facebook page has died. (Okay, I deleted it) It has become nothing but a gossip column lately and it gets really old with everything going on in the world today. It definitely isn't what it use to be, so I decided to get rid of the darn thing. It was tough. I mean, a lot of memories were on there but oh well. And a lot of those "friends" I'll never really see or meet anyways but to anyone who wants to keep in touch social media wise, I've created a like page strictly catered to my acting & fashion design. Just type in my name, "Vernon Mitchell II" and you will see me. Or just click here and it will take you straight there. I'll see you there,


Dec 7, 2014

5th Annual Snowball Christmas Party

T&N presented their newest A/W '14 collection. It features customizable ballet style shoes that can be worn anywhere and are made of 100% leather. They come in gold, blush, chestnut, black, crackled silver and suave. Be sure to head over and check them out!

Attended the 5th annual Snowball Christmas event on Saturday night. It was a nice, relaxed event with refreshments and even had free gifts for the ladies, which was cool. 

Dec 5, 2014

Spotted By V

Spotted Style Ambassadors Thrash & Norris

Spotted model, Jacquar

Spotted wardrobe stylist/fashion consultant, Deangelo Trent, who also is PR for JLeer Jeans

Spotted actor, Anthony Kelley who stars in The Gambler, out this Dec. 19th


Bloggers Night Out Toys For Tots, Toy Drive

EXO FAB is an accessory for the iPhone that lets you stick it to glass or any other non porous surface; perfect for taking those selfies without stressing over holding the phone at the same time. It even comes with a free timer app. I'll be GIVING THIS AWAY FOR FREE soon, so stay tuned.

JLeer Brand Denim

 Where fashion meets function features a front pocket ideal for your smart phone. Check out more of what they have to offer: JLEER

Thursday night was the Bloggers Night Out, Toys For Tots, Toy Drive. It featured many clothing brands including designers from this past L.A Fashion Weeks, SS '15 collections, refreshments from House Beer, Stuffem OriginalHint Water and many other fantastic brands! 


Dec 2, 2014

7th Annual Hill Harper & Nate Parker Toy Drive

The evenings venue was held at the Avalon in Hollywood and featured a beautiful set up.

Monday night was the 7th annual Hill Harper & Nate Parker Manifest Your Destiny Toy Drive/Fundraiser in Hollywood. The night was filled with tons of celebs and I got the wonderful opportunity to attend and get aquatinted with some other industry media guests as well as a flash back to my childhood seeing Kel Mitchell there. Wow. Talk about back in the dizzy! It's always good to have a good time for a great cause. All the toys were donated to those less fortunate and it felt good to give. Hope you've enjoyed.