Oct 18, 2014

V's Skyline D.I.Y

Skyline D.I.Y

I decided to get creative on Sat. morning and do a little DIY. I've been in my apartment now for about 6 months and I'm just now really starting to add some character to my room. Its very simple, super easy and only costs $1! Here's what you'll need: 

Electrical tape

I will admit, it can be a little stressful trying to make the lines perfect and straight but it depends on what type of feel you want to go for. I personally think it looks great with the lines not straight. It gives it a more animated look. You can also paint over it and remove the tape, too for another look. If you really want to go all out, you can do your whole room!

Voila! My little office wall. Hope you've enjoyed and feel inspired!

L.A Fashion Week, Day 4

Button Up: Milk Crate | Blazer: Versace for HM  | Pants: Forever 21  | Shoes: Steve Madden

     Day 4 of my fashion week adventures didn't really go as I planned for it to. But I strongly believe in everything happening for a reason. So here's what happened: I get all dressed up, ready for the Rock That Fashion show Im suppose to attend as media for. I drive to the address that's on my RSVP ticket that was e-mailed to me and ended up driving to the wrong address. Upon my arrival, I'm thinking "This has gotta be it!" I mean, surely the event address would be on the ticket if the mailing address isn't it but it wasn't. :( It was the address to the production office. 
     I tried responding to my ticket asking where the event was located at, just for kinks to see if anyone would e-mail me back and I got an automated e-mail response telling me to call a certain number in case of an emergency. So, I call the number and it keeps going straight to voicemail. Of course, whoever it is Im sure their probably busy with the nights festivities. I decide to wait about 35 minutes, just to see if I see anything or hear anything but I don't. So, I decided to go ahead and make some extra cash by driving for Lyft for the night. I guess it wasn't meant for me to attend and it was a lesson learned. 
     Next time, I'll make sure to get some clarity early on. Plus, no worries, there are plenty more shows to attend. Anyway, hope you've been having a great week and a fantastic weekend. Ill see you at the next post!

Oct 16, 2014

L.A Fashion Week, Day 3

Jersey: Oct. 18th  | Overalls & Shoes: Forever 21

Tuesdays festivities were held at the Taglyan cultural complex in Hollywood. The venue was absolutely beautiful inside and out!

Nancy Vuu

**Got the opportunity to run into this little princesses manager before the show. Her name is Maddy McGraw and at only 5 years old, she has accomplished so much! Some of her recent credits include Selfie, Bones, American Sniper, and Firefly Catcher. Check out more on Maddy below:


     L.A Fashion Week is still in full effect! Maybe I should call it L.A Fashion MONTH because there's a lot going on all month long. Im so grateful to be able to attend these wonderful shows and see all the awesome designers hard work. Tuesdays show was absolutely breathtaking and I couldn't pick a better designer opening the evening than Nancy Vuu. Now it's not everyday you see a children's clothing line walking down the runway, and I've never blogged about one until now but boy am I excited! It was so nice to see these AMAZING gowns on these children. 
     This is Nancy's SS '15 collection and it's vintage inspired with a modern twist. Every piece is truly a one of a kind and can make any kid feel special. What I love about Nancy Vuu, is that she is strongly faith based and wants every child to feel blessed and to know that they are a child of God and that God loves them. Viewing this collection, you'd think she's had a dozen collections before but this her very first one. Just incredible! You can check out more on Nancy Vuu and her little gowns below.

Jaime Elyse

Following Nancy Vuu were designs by Jaime Elyse. It was almost as if the little ladies had grown up  and were about to get married. I truly enjoyed this collection as well. Each dress is custom made and to find out more info, check out her site below.


My third favorite for the evening would have to be designs by SACHIKA. The brand consists of twin designers, To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika. I have to tell you, just by viewing this collection, I could already get a feel what type of personality these designers would have and it came to be true during their finale. Very bubbly and extremely driven, these designers has reached the pinnacle of their careers but aren't really finished at all reaching more success. They also design for men and also offer a monthly, four hour seminar on how to start your own fashion line. I just my check that out. You can find out more and shop below.

Oct 12, 2014

L.A Fashion Week, Day 2

Long sleeve Jersey: Zara  | Shorts: Forever 21  | Jewelry: Two Old Hippies



Saturday evening marked the third night of L.A Fashion Week and it was so much fun seeing more designs from some of L.A's hottest new local designers! It took place at the Ace Museum with 6 installation shows like the ones you see above and one runway show by Emily Daccarett. My favorite for the evening has to go to J.Burgos and Mathiasen who stood out the most to me. I love how both are cohesively well placed together. On one end you have a very bold, daring, show stopping girl who seems to stop at nothing for fashion. On the other end you have a timeless, fun, not so serious girl next door. Presentation is everything and I enjoyed the color schemes, the patterns and the texture. (although I couldn't really touch but I could tell there were some) Superb! You can check out more on these designers below and Ill see you on the next post!