Why You Only Need A Credit Score for One Thing

What’s a credit score & What’s the whole point of it?

A credit score is a numerical expression made up of 3 different scores from 3 different companies, which are transunion, equifax and experian. FICO is included in your experian report and its the most popular when lenders are looking at your credit score. The number represents your credit worthiness based off a number of factors. The higher the score, the least risk you are to lenders, the lower the score, the more risk you are to lenders. Your score is calculated based off your payment history, credit utilization, length of credit history, mix of credit types, and recent applications. Credit is mainly used for consumer debt, which includes credit cards, loans or financing. Did you know that whatever product your applying for, they have a specific credit score that pertains to theat industry? In other words, the score you see may not necessarily be the same score they see. Be sure to get a full list of your FICO score. It has 7 different scores.

You Don’t ‘NEED’ a credit score

     Society unfortunately has taught us that we ‘NEED’ credit or debt to navigate the world and that simply isn’t true. It’s a complete trap. Yep, I typed it. And I’m so glad I came to this revelation early in my adult life, and you should be, too. Let me explain: You see, banks are making billions off us annually, and that probably doesn’t include interest payments. The only reason you have a credit score is because of the debt you have. The ONLY reason you have a score is because your score has a relationship with debt. Why do you think someone who has no credit history, has no credit score? Duhhhhh, right?

The borrower is the slave to the lender -Proverbs 22:7

     Remember when you went off to college and got those credit card offers in the mail to establish your credit? Yeah, you had no credit. Banks are designed to get us and KEEP us in debt, it’s how the world truly goes around. If you strive to never be in debt in the first place and save up for everything you NEED in life, you wouldn’t need credit. It’s that simple but, life gets in the way, right? You NEED that car everyone is driving, you NEED that latest electronic gadget everyone has. Do you see where I’m going with this?

     A lot of us only NEED stuff because everyone else has it. Don’t be like everyone else. Don’t be the average person taking out a line of credit just to impress someone you don’t even like. What if I told you, you can have all those things if you just simply saved up for it? Instant gratification, and items being readily available to us at our fingertips in this day and age, is a epidemic all by itself. If we keep this up, we’ll NEVER have financial freedom to start saving for our future. After you pay your household expenses, how much money do you have left over? Do you budget? Have you taken a look at your household expenses and considered trimming down luxury items you can live without?

     If most of that money is going to debts, think of how much extra money you’d have if you didn’t owe anyone? You could use that to save or invest. It’s nothing complicated. Our spending behavior, lifestyle and mindset on money makes it complicated. “But, what about an apartment or home, or business loan? I don’t have that kinda money sitting around, even if I do save.” Great question, which brings me to this next section…

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How I’ve payed next to NOTHING in rent living in Los Angeles


What’s up V.I.P’s. I wanted to share this story of mine. A story about a guy who at the age of 27 moved to Los Angeles with nothing but a suitcase and $2,000 in his savings account. I knew that staying in Nashville after college wasn’t really for me. I knew I wanted a different scenery and an overall different experience. I wanted to meet new people from all different types of backgrounds and I wanted to feel free walking out the door. People in Los Angeles are more accepting and they tend to get your weirdness and creativity here. 

My main objective was to move out here and get into acting. I’ve done a few projects here and there and I also create my own content. I’m learning more that’s the lane I’m more likely to go down as I advance in my career. I’ve always been a non traditional person. I’ve always been the type of guy who was “over there somewhere” doing my own thing. Falling in line and following the proper route was always boring to me. Little did I know, my journey would be heading down an interesting path. Although I love the theatre, love filming, editing, directing and writing, I’m finding that there’s so many layers to myself I didn’t know I had inside of me.  

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How To Be A Good Roommate (I Dare You To Care)

What’s up V.I.P’s. I’ve officially dealt with roommates for the past 6 years here In Los Angeles so I think I have this down just from experience; and for those of you who also have a roommate, I’m sure you can relate. I’ll try to be direct and thorough as much as possible so here goes..


It’s move in day and your excited to move in your furniture; your excited to finally have a place to call home, and pretty optimistic on the roommate you’ve chosen to live with for the next 6 months to a year. Whether they’re a romantic partner, a family member, a friend or a complete stranger from online, talking about the house rules early on before you move in is super important and sets the tone. I would hope you do this before signing the dotted line and moving in together; but I wanted the set up for this paragraph to sound pretty, okay? Communicate what your likes and dislikes as far as living arrangements are concerned. Find out if the other person likes to have company over all the time. Do you both want cable or wifi or both? Discuss what utility bills will go in who’s name.
Discuss an official quiet hour, so there’s no confusion on someone being loud at a particular hour of the night. Do you both want to split toiletry items and groceries each month to save money? Should we assign a common area to each person to clean each month? Some of these sound a little elementary, but you will get a lot of clarity from just simply communicating. These tips, I find work best with people who have strangers for roommates and need to fill a room so the rent can be paid. If you know the person your moving in with, it doesn’t mean you know how they live. That’s two completely different things. As the old saying goes: “If you want to find out who someone is, live with them.”

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Top 5 moments in 2019

1. Became a Flight Attendant

In early 2019 I hit the ground running applying to be a Flight Attendant. I applied to virtually every major brand airline you can think of and then some. I even blogged about my many adventures on the application and interview process on my YouTube (www.youtube.com/thevernonvlog). In total, I ended up landing 3 official in person interviews, 1 of which I couldn’t attend because I forgot my passport. I ended up getting hired at 2 different regional airline companies. I withdrew from one and went on to graduate at another, only to be let go only 2 months into working in late 2019. Regardless of my experience at the end, it was fun flying and meeting new people and more than anything, I was proud that I faced my fears and did what I said I wanted to do all in one year! Wow. I actually became a flight attendant!

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