Sep 17, 2014


Haven't posted a look in a bit, so I got inspired this evening to give you a few shots. Speaking of inspiration, does anyone ever not feel inspired when it comes to dressing up or putting on your "good gear?" I mean, lately it hasn't been for me. Mainly because, one, most of my clothes are back home in Nashville and when I tell you I CANNOT wait to get the rest of my things! Another reason is because it is incredibly too hot here in L.A. 
     I mean, as soon as you walk outside your instantly smacked with an almost heat stroke. I figure, why go out in my favorite looks when Im just going to get real sweaty and uncomfortable? (I guess thats L.A pretty much year round so I better get use to it lol) I will admit, it has gotten easier for me since just purchasing a car versus riding public transportation. It is MUCH more difficult when your riding the bus. The walking to the bus stops, the waiting on the buses, by the time you'd get home you'd be a sweaty wreck! Any who, Im glad I got inspired tonight and decided to post. 

Blazer: Haus of Love
Skinny Jeans: OBEY

Sep 13, 2014

Jean-Pierre Braganza SS '15

I extremely LOVE this collection! Every look is phenomenal! Such great work. I love prints, jackets, and a nice flowing silhouette. BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT!

Ralph Lauren SS '15

Well, fashion week has officially come to an end and I ALWAYS love Ralph Lauren closing it off to a great upcoming year in fashion. You can always count on him to bring true Spring colors and those classic looks. There's an elegance and grace that is so effortless in his designs. I'm definitely looking forward to a great 2015 in fashion.