Oct 28, 2014

Spotted By V

Spotted Actress, Loresa Grigsby

Spotted Chidy.

Spotted fashion enthusiasts Barbie, MinkailuNyne Iyves

Spotted fashion blogger & designer, Timia.


Oct 25, 2014

L.A Fashion Week, Day 5


Jacket & Shorts: Forever 21 | Necklace: Two Old Hippies  


Fashion week has officially come to an end and I have met some amazing people ranging from stylists, designers, photographers, models and bloggers. Im so excited to work with other industry related individuals and collaborate on other projects! The fashion scene here in L.A is very exciting and Im glad to have experience some of it. I hope and look forward to being more involved with the fashion scene here, too! What a great way to end it with L.A emerging designers! The show took place at the beautiful H Studio in downtown Los Angeles full of beautiful sculptures, modern, glass furniture and so much more. Check out more items the store carries at their site, HStudio.com, they also have four other locations.

J Chans

 |  J. Chans  | 



 | Tokio Fever  | 


 |  Luv Gen  | 

(Dapper Young Men)

 |  DYG  | 

See you on the next post! 

Oct 21, 2014

Spotted By V

Spotted fashion designer from Study Of I boutique.

Spotted fashion stylist, Nicholas Keller (StylistNick)

Spotted fashion blogger, Adrienne Simone. (RiversNRoses)

Spotted fashion blogger, Kiera Renee during Art Hearts Fashion Show (Trendymii)

Spotted fashion stylist & blogger, Isaiah David (thestyleguyla)

Decided to start a new post series, #SpottedbyV where I show a collection of dope fits caught thru my lens. These images are during L.A fashion week. Hope you've enjoyed, stay tuned for more!


Oct 18, 2014

V's Skyline D.I.Y

Skyline D.I.Y

I decided to get creative on Sat. morning and do a little DIY. I've been in my apartment now for about 6 months and I'm just now really starting to add some character to my room. Its very simple, super easy and only costs $1! Here's what you'll need: 

Electrical tape

I will admit, it can be a little stressful trying to make the lines perfect and straight but it depends on what type of feel you want to go for. I personally think it looks great with the lines not straight. It gives it a more animated look. You can also paint over it and remove the tape, too for another look. If you really want to go all out, you can do your whole room!

Voila! My little office wall. Hope you've enjoyed and feel inspired!